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The state of California
has enacted a Zero Waste bill !!
Big News for our industry.

CLICK HERE to read the entire bill.


A bill has been introduced in the State Legislature to have California adopt zero waste as state goal. (March 2002)

SB1526 just introduced into the CA Legislature includes the adoption of a Zero Waste goal for California (Section 7).

This bill also addresses Conversion Technologies and Biomass to coordinate state activities related to the development and use of conversion technologies for the production of energy, alternative fuels, and other products.

This bill also addresses the controversial ADC issue in a creative way. The bill would require any local agency that requires residents or businesses to separate green waste materials from other refuse, and uses that green waste as cover material in landfills or otherwise disposes of the green waste in a landfill, to include in its refuse collection billing statements to residents and businesses a clear, concise, and conspicuous notice of the amount of green waste materials that are collected from residents and businesses and are ultimately used as landfill cover material or discarded in a landfill.

This bill also addresses key funding issues for solid waste. This bill would authorize the CIWMB to adjust the current landfill fee once every 3 years to reflect increases and decreases in the consumer price index. It would also require payments from each operator of a transfer station of all solid waste processed at the transfer station for disposal at an out-of-state disposal site. The fee would be 80% of the fee that would have been charged under existing law if the solid waste had been disposed of in this state.

Section 7, as introduced, is pasted in below. Please write to Senator Gloria Romero to express strong support for the Zero Waste goal and Section 7 of SB1526, as introduced.


e-mails regarding California's Zero Waste Bill
can be sent to Senator Gloria Romero,
c/o her staff consultant Michael Miiller (no that's not a typo) at:

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